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drummer, and or cajon player for gigs in Santa Barbara and Ventura. Singing harmony, a plus. Originals and some covers with rock, reggae and country influence. Text only please. Thank Looking for a jazz flautist to play duets jazz standards, bossa nova, popular tunes. I play violin and viola. I have been playing in the valley for 20 years in various bands. Drummer, guitarist/vocalist, and guitarist needs a bass player for shows and studio recording. We have multiple practice spaces and a studio to record in. There are plenty of songs to be rehearsed, but we welcome material if you write. Style is a mixture of non-core melodic metal, rock, and some folk elements. From blast beats and tremolo picking to ghost notes and clean passages. We have jobs, so rehearsal is often on Sundays Got out yesterday. Puckett area near John Stiff Park. She needs grooming. Her name is Cutie Pie. She is wearing a red collar. Contact me via email if you think you have found my I was injured in 2012 to a tbi working for a law firm... negligence case. Have had other accidents, conditions, injuree, disability and even criminal tendency that are now Medically LINKED to my tbi by a county doctor in which I still get case management from living off of disability JUST NOW waking up from my 2012 tbi that now since I don't have a gaurdian holding Mr back I feel I should have the legal ability to go after benefits deserved. The employees has framed me with their political powers to postpone any legal manner and I have it in the books your honor what you have hear is a bunch of 've even slept with the snakes and the mice because of political misuse or as the previous elect mayor calls it unattended city business that goes against city's Christian moral statement that the evidence is realistic beyond their beliefs that mobile crisis is not needed he has a valid complaint and they continue to deny me the opportunity to proceed with any legal actions but their quick to pull my license This vintage one of a kind wood sign was stolen from my vehicle a few days ago. It is about 30 inches long. Please if you see it. Thank My dirtbike Honda CRF 450 2017 and banshee were stolen from my property in the southside. If anyone has seen anything or has any information please contact me. The banshee was taken without the plastics. The frame on the banshee is spray painted black. I will give a $ reward to anyone who finds my ww2 diary it means a lot to me . It was stollen awhile back but I have hope that it will show up no My 77 year old father is driving from SC to IL. He stopped at a hotel in Greendale, IN. His cat escaped. We have a very sweet un-neutered male bunny. He is a fawn and white broken spotted Velveteen Lop. He is about 2 years old, healthy, very sweet, curious, and friendly. He loves his nose rubbed. Asking $40 for his I have a small baby turtle that was giving to me as a gift I don’t have the proper tank for the baby turtle he/she have’s nice

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